Privacy policy
  1. The procedure for collecting, storing, processing and using personal data in accordance with GDPR requirements ( )
  2. The collection of personal data (full name, contact information, passport data, data of the Certificate of registration of individual entrepreneurs, place of residence and others) is carried out through official collection points, namely: e-mail [email protected] and [email protected], [email protected], google forms on google drive account, website, the telegram-bot ( developed by us and other officially registered information collection sites.
  3. Information is stored only on servers and computers belonging to the Hi-Tech Business Hub/IP/Business Georgia project and its organizers with the possible use of technologies that ensure proper protection and storage of PD.
  4. The processing of personal data is carried out after they are received at the official collection points only by the project organizers. Unauthorized persons are not allowed to process personal data.
  5. It is allowed to use personal data only directly for the implementation of the goals of the Hi-Tech Business Hub/IP/Business Georgia project.
  6. The protection of personal data is ensured both by protecting the data implemented when creating the Project website, and by guaranteeing personal security on the part of the Project organizers who have access to them. IE Hi-Tech Business Hub and IE Business Georgia is directly responsible for the protection and processing of personal data, which, if necessary, is authorized to involve other Project organizers and/or a specialized organization for these tasks.
  7. Personal data is deleted from the Project database at the request of the client/employee/partner.
  8. The personal data report is kept in any form in the form of registers/Partnership agreements approved by the Project organizers, which necessarily include: a list of personal data, the date of receipt of personal data, the date of inclusion in the register of personal data, the date of deletion of personal data, the date of change of personal data, the date of transfer of personal data to third parties and the legal basis for such transfer, Note.
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